Just this month, Facebook launched another makeover to every member’s news feed and profile page. The profile page revamped has gained positive feedbacks from social media users because of its “cleaner” and “more organized” look.

Facebook User Profile

One of the most notable modifications made by the team is the user posts moved from left to right and user activities from the right, such as likes and added friends, now rest in the smaller left column of the page. The heading was also reorganized with the user’s name all in white overlaid on the cover photo in instead of below, giving the page a more streamlined appearance.

The social media also boasts its highly customizable activity column, the left-hand part of the profile page, where every section, such as the “About” section, photos, friends list and more, can be rearranged according to the user’s liking. For movie buffs, you will definitely love the feature where you can share what you’re watching through apps like Netflix and Flixster.

Facebook News Feed

Facebook news feed is said to be more image-based, including the events, news articles and pages, to capture attention. This idea has been made due to the popularity of photo sharing in every social media site. The photo-centric news feed is designed to ensure that all Facebook users would be able to share wonderful imagery and encourage promotion.

Another new feature added by Facebook team is the “Following” feed located on the right side of the news feed. The new feature will let people connect more with their followed pages by being frequently updated with their contents. Also, the page’s cover photos will now appear in every user’s feed. With this, business pages can now easily promote their products with the use of Facebook cover design.