Summer is coming. Surely, many of us are headed somewhere far from homes to unwind, relax, and enjoy. And in order to enjoy the trip, packing light will help you explore the new place you’re. Not only that, you can also save more from excess baggage fees and allot the money for shopping, souvenirs or trying out native foods. If traveling light doesn’t come easy for you, here are some tips to evolve you into a light packer.

1.   Versatile clothing and footwear

Choose clothing and footwear that can be worn to any of your travel activities. You may bring a simple sundress, a pair of jeans, a comfortable shirt, and flats. Furthermore, sticking to simple colour schemes and patterns will also help a lot for easier mixes and matches of clothes.

2.    “Shakedown”

Do the “shakedown” two or three days before your departure. Lay everything out and try mixing and matching the clothes is it looks good. Try them on if necessary. Eliminate those items that are not needed.

3.   Bring lightweight materials

Lightweight materials eat up lesser space and dry quicker. Clothes that are made from rayon, viscose, modal, cotton blends, lightweight cotton, or tencel are good clothing to pack. Avoid bringing furry and leather coats unless you’re headed to winter wonderlands.

4.   Wear the bulky ones on travel

If you really need to bring your favourite faux-fur coat, do not pack it. Wear it! Clothes like sweaters, coats, boots and jeans worn while on travel will help you save luggage weight.

5.   Accessories

Accessories can increase your outfit value and options without taking up much space in your luggage. Belts, scarves, and chunky bangles will keep you look chic and stylish in every outfit.