When you think of saving money start saving money from the very place where you spend the most – your home. After all, charity begins at home. Everyone, in their lifetime, probably invests the most in their home. Where lot of the expenses made at home is necessary, there are many which may not be so important, more so in a bad financial period. Follow the few suggestions given below about how you can save money in your home.

If your office is nearby or if you are travelling to a place which is within 20-30 minutes of walking distance from your house then avoid using the car. Take a walk if it is really close or cycle your way to your destination. By doing this you will not just be saving on petrol money but you will also be making your contribution towards protecting the environment.

We all use plastic bags everyday. They are both costly & harmful for the environment. Recycling those plastic bags will lower your expenses & at the same time make it less polluting for the environment.
When you leave home or if any electronic equipment is not in use then do make it a point to switch it off. It will save on your electricity bills.
Use energy sufficient lights & bulbs to reduce your power bills further.