Spend money wisely & stop wastages. Also if you are making an investment with that money, make sure that you get the highest return. Saving money in during a period of economic downturn will help you tide over the crisis. Do not look at it as saving money but investing in the future of your family & loved ones. The money you save now will help you meet future contingencies.

We all purchase stationery & groceries for our consumption. But we buy them at the supermarket. If you purchase your fruits & vegetables from your local producer you will not just get them fresh but you will also get them at a much cheaper price.

We need water to spend our daily life & also to survive. A lot of water is wasted since we don’t know how much water we are using everyday. To check this install a water meter. Sure it will cost you a few bucks. But in the long run it will save you a great deal. You can now set a target within which you would have to keep your water usage & save on water bills.